Melanie’s Testimony

How my personal relationship with Jesus Christ started…

My sister and I were both bus kids from a very young age. My parents put us on the Sunday school bus every week. When I was a teenager, I only chose to go to Sunday school when there was nothing else to do. God started working on my heart when I was at youth camp at age 15. I was under a lot of conviction and got very emotional during a chapel service but no-one sat down and showed me any scripture on how to be saved.

After camp, church people were coming up to me and saying congratulations on getting saved. I had no idea what they were talking about so I just kept smiling. Around that same time, Earl Koon became the new Pastor of my church (we had gone without a preacher for about 3 years). The church people told him I was saved so he started hitting me up about getting baptized. I was very confused and rebellious at heart. I didn’t want to be forced to do something that I didn’t understand the reason why I had to do it.

I kept going to church but I would skip every other week. When I was 16 (half way through 12th grade) I finally started to really listen to what my Pastor was preaching about. I realized that I was a sinner going to hell. I knew what to do because I had heard so many church invitations. I was at home in my bedroom. It was probably around midnight, and I bowed my head and asked Jesus Christ into my heart and life and asked for forgiveness for my sins. I didn’t have the courage to tell anyone what I had done and I knew my parents would never understand what I had done, so I remained silent.

I do not know the date that I got saved but I know it was around July or August of 1991. It took several months to approach my Pastor to ask to be baptized but it was the biggest relief to finally make it known that I was saved. I got baptized in December 1991. It was an exciting event in the church because I was a bus kid that had grown up in the church. I’m very glad that people never gave up on me and I have a loving God who never gave up on me either.

I invited my parents to come to my baptism. I know they were both confused about the reason why I was getting baptized because as a baby, I was baptized into the Roman Catholic church. My parents were late to my baptism. My mum came in just before my immersion and my dad came about 20 minutes later. I was hoping that they would be there to listen to the explanation of why I was getting baptized.

Since then, my parents have heard the plan of salvation too many times for me to keep a count of. I love my parents and pray that God would also give them an understanding heart and that they would both accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

This is my testimony of my personal salvation. I serve a Great and Mighty God and I am so unworthy of His love for me. I search each day to understand the heart of God and try to comprehend why he would love someone as insignificant as me.

Timothy and Melanie Koon - "Praise the Lord, all ye nations" Psalm 117:1