Australia’s Wildlife


Australia is home to two of the most curious animals in the world: the kangaroo and the koala. In fact, the kangaroo is a national symbol of Australia! The kangaroo stands opposite an emu on the Australian Coat of Arms.

The red kangaroo is Australia’s largest kangaroo of the nearly 60 species in the kangaroo family. It is the kangaroo which dwells in the “Red Center” — the arid central portion of Australia. They normally move in groups, known as “mobs”, which range from a few dozen to several hundred individual. The makeup of the red kangaroo mob varies but usually consists of a dominant male, a number of adult females, and juveniles of both sexes.

Most people call it a “Koala Bear”, but the koala is not a bear! They often stay in trees, surviving by eating different varieties of Eucalyptus leaves based on the season, local conditions, and even personal preference. It is believed that there are at least 12 different types of eucalyptus leaves that koalas eat!

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